The world's top genomic bulls

Besides the conventional (daughter-proven) breeding values, HI is also publishing the new genomic (DNA-tested) breeding values from all over the world after each index release. Since the last report (HI 3/2011) one more breeding nation is represented because genomic indexes are now freely available from Scandinavia too.

We did promise: After each conventional index release HI will publish a global overview of the highest genomic-tested young bulls from all the countries where this information is freely available. Besides bulls from Canada, Germany, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the U.S., and Switzerland, which all were included in the March table, this time the top genomic bulls from Scandinavia have also been listed. In the very north of Europe this information was published for the first time on May 3rd.


A table, therefore, with the highest genomic bulls from eight different countries. When a certain bull appears in the top list of a certain country, this does not necessarily mean that the bull also resides in that country. It is an indication of this particular bull having a (high) genomic test in that country. Some bulls enter the picture in several countries. Regancrest Beau, for instance, makes both the Canadian and the U.S. top list. The American Nr.2 bull, Gold Chip, can also be found in 1st place in Switzerland. And the Nr.3 of Switzerland, Wonder, ranks 20th in the U.S., while he originates from the Netherlands.


Again, the accompanying table only lists bulls with breeding values that do not include any daughter information. As a result the reliabilities are low and the chances that the breeding values will change in the future are relatively large. In the article in HI’s March issue, we observed that the reliabilities between the countries varied considerably; from 65-66% in Canada to just over 80% in the U.S. In the meantime this variation has lessened. In the U.S. reliabilities were brought down by 5 to 7%. Last time Shamrock had a reliability 76% for production, this time that is 70%. In the Netherlands, too, reliabilities underwent doctoring. The reliability of Atlantic’s production index, for example, went from 66 to 63%. The difference in index level of genomic bulls in the various countries remains remarkable. Whereas in Canada the highest genomic bulls have over 600 LPI points more than Dempsey, the Nr.1 daughter-proven sire, and while no less than 130 genomic bulls rank higher than Dempsey, in Germany not a single genomic bull reaches the level of the Nr.1 daughter-proven bull, Snowman!


Shamrock survived the above-mentioned reliability adjustment just fine and still figures at the top of the list in the U.S. even though he can feel two newcomers from the same cow family breathing down his neck. Gold Chip is a Goldwyn son from the excellent Shottle daughter Regancrest Chassity. And the Nr.3 of the U.S., Cameron, is a Jeeves son from a VG-87 Durham Pontiac daughter from Chassity.
Another famous name from the international Holstein scene, Lylehaven Lila Z, scored on multiple fronts as well. With Man-O-Man son Lavaman, her daughter Comestar Goldwyn Lava has produced the new Nr.1 bull in Canada, while another Goldwyn daughter from Lila Z produced the top RC bull in the U.S., Larson, in combination with Mr Burns.
The Gold family of De-Su is the best represented in the American list. The cow family, recently featured in HI (5/2011), has no less than 5 bulls in the top-25; sons by Planet (3x), Jeeves, and Boliver. In Canada a fourth Planet has emerged.


The fact that only three months after the first global overview, we zoom in again on the highest genomic bulls in the world does not mean you’re in for a boring few minutes. On the contrary! There is lots of news to report. Many new faces appeared in the top of the lists; in Canada for example there are 11 newcomers in the top 15. And also bulls that have been in the picture for some time already this time show breeding values that have undergone considerable changes. The former Nr.1 bull in the Netherlands for instance, Sunrise, dropped from 263 to 235 NVI and fell just outside the top-10. In Canada the former Nr.1, Lobster, lost 100 LPI points and 2 for type, while the former Nr.2, Armitage, lost 200 LPI and 2 type points. In France, Dunhill held his ground nicely in 1st place while Electorat dropped from 195 to 188 ISU. Cypripede went up from 184 to 189 ISU and is the new Nr.2 in France.


In the table we find many young and very young bulls; some of them are only one year old. Amongst the sires we see some young ones too – bulls that do not have daughter-proven breeding values themselves yet. For example, in the U.S. list the young Prospector is preceded by his sire Explode (who was born in December 2007!). Also Langs-Twin-B Cassino (Ramos x Shottle), the sire of Franz, does not have a progeny-tested proof yet. And the same goes for Bud Light in Canada, who is sired by the 4-year-old Baxter son Gen-I-Beq Brawler.

The top ranking genomic Holstein bulls from the official rankings of Canada (source: CDN), Germany (VIT) France (Prim’Holstein), the Netherlands (GES), New Zealand (AEU), Scandinavia (NCGE), the U.S. (GTPI is a trademark of the Holstein Association USA), and Switzerland (Holstein CH). Per country the bulls are ranked on total index. Behind the country name the highest daughter-proven bull of that country is listed between brackets ( ). The listed breeding values and reliabilities are on different genetic bases and therefore not comparable from country to country.


CANADA (Dempsey, 2558 LPI)      
Gen-I-Beq Lavaman Man-O-Man x Goldwyn 68% 3215 11   Semex
Comestar Lobster Man-O-Man x Goldwyn 69% 3202 10   Semex
Welcome Peoti Man-O-Man x Goldwyn 69% 3197 9   Select
Hammer-Creek AltaKool Man-O-Man x Goldwyn 68% 3170 14   Alta
Misty Springs Number One Man-O-Man x Shottle 70% 3156 14   Semex
RMW Armitage Man-O-Man x Goldwyn 69% 3089 10   ABS
Dr Mom Man-O-Man x Shottle 70% 3072 9   AI Total
Zimmer Bud Light Brawler x Bolton 65% 3067 11   Semex
Glaudale Bruno Man-O-Man x Baxter 68% 3066 10   Semex
Marbri Facebook Man-O-Man x Airraid 67% 3054 10   Semex
Dirt-Road Mano Clemente Man-O-Man x Goldwyn 66% 3051 9   Select
Regancrest Beau Man-O-Man x Goldwyn 70% 3039 12   ABS
Comestar Lautamarcus Man-O-Man x Goldwyn 68% 3012 9   Semex
Genervations Epic Super x Baxter 67% 2990 14   GenerVations
De-Su Phoenix Planet x Bolton 68% 2971 9   Select
GERMANY(Snowman, 152 RZG)      
Manu Man-O-Man x Jose 72% 148 115   OHG
Plan Z Planet x Shottle 73% 147 122   Masterrind
Goldday Goldwyn x O-Man 75% 147 135   ZBH
Giabo Gibor x Shottle 73% 146 111   RUW
Pukie Planet x Shottle 73% 146 127   Masterrind
On Top O-Man x Laudan 73% 145 108   RUW
Epcos Encino x Jesther 90% 145 102   WEU
NOG Mavali Man-O-Man x Goldwyn 72% 144 121   NOG
Marsian Man-O-Man x Shottle 73% 144 121   Masterrind
Malindo Mascol x Jefferson 73% 143 115   RUW
Sterngold Stol Joc x Shottle 73% 143 127   RUW
Paston Planet x Goldwyn 73% 143 116   RSA
Alltanno Moscow x O-Man 73% 143 116   RUW
Manacor Man-O-Man x Gibor 73% 143 117   RUW
Jackson Jeeves x Laudan 73% 143 114   VOST
Orson O-Man x Ramos 73% 143 104   OHG
Jengo Juwel x O-Man 73% 143 119   ZBH
Goldfire Goldwyn x O-Man 74% 143 122   RUW
FRANCE (Action, 190 ISU)      
Dunhill Bolton x O-Man 72% 196 2.2   Créavia
Cypripede Bolton x Shottle 72% 189 3.0   GD
Ehman Isy Planet x Buckeye 68% 188 2.8   Amélis
Electorat Planet x Bolton 68% 188 2.0   Créavia
Diester Roumare x O-Man 72% 187 1.5   GD
Cenmil Isy Maxwell x O-Man 71% 186 1.3   Amélis
Crazy Isy Bolton x O-Man 72% 185 2.0   Amélis
Caesar Shottle x O-Man 72% 184 2.2   GD
Cetammers Bolton x O-Man 72% 184 1.8   Dynam’is
Crater Isy Surplus x O-Man 72% 183 0.8   Amélis
Facecy Eba Planet x Toystory 68% 182 2.3   GD
Climb Isy Bolton x O-Man 72% 182 2.0   Amélis
Coriginal Bolton x Merinit 72% 182 1.6   Dynam’is
Dordogne Bolton x O-Man 72% 181 2.2   GD
Canial Bolton x Lancelot 72% 181 2.1   Dynam’is
Erostol Stol Joc x O-Man 72% 180 2.3   GD
Demion Stol Joc x FBI 72% 180 2.1   GD
NETHERLANDS (Impuls, 259 NVI)      
Delta G-Force Man-O-Man x Jordan 59% 299 109   CRV
Vero Goliath Goli x Paramount 62% 278 110   CRV
Heuvel Suarez O-Man x Cello 63% 259 106   Kampen
Willem’s Hoeve Ajax Man-O-Man x Mascol 60% 249 109   CRV
Etazon Dijs Sunchyme Sunrise x O-Man 55% 249 108   CRV
Delta Atlantic Ramos x O-Man 63% 249 108   CRV
Delta Content Bertil x Ramos 63% 244 109   CRV
Ludiek Bluejay Bertil x O-Man 63% 243 110   CRV
NEW ZEALAND (Mint-Edition, 254 BW)      
Farside FM Illustrious Mint Edition x Applause 56% 281 0.59   LIC
Hazael VA Razzler Applause x Gerris 66% 265 0.20   LIC
SCANDINAVIA (Mason, 34 NTM)      
VH Bismark Bob x Jordan 60% 40 *   Viking
VH Oyvind O-Man x Exces 60% 33 *   Viking
VH Salomon Sammy x O-Man 60% 31 *   Viking
VH Cup Cole x Bob 60% 31 *   Viking
VH Black Bobas x O-Man 60% 30 *   Viking
VH Raket Rakuuna x Alexander 60% 30 *   Viking
VH Max Mascol x O-Man 60% 29 *   Viking
USA (O-Style, 2239 TPI)      
Ladys-Manor Shamrock Planet x Shottle 70% 2487 2.98   Select
Mr Chassity Gold Chip Goldwyn x Shottle 73% 2450 4.57   Select
Shema Jeeves Cameron Jeeves x Pontiac 71% 2427 3.78   TAG
Wabash-Way Explode Bolton x Shottle 74% 2417 3.97   Taurus
De-Su Bookem Planet x Ramos 73% 2403 2.92   Select
De-Su Observer Planet x O-Man 73% 2399 2.50   Select
De-Su Osmond Planet x O-Man 72% 2391 2.90   Select
RMW Armitage Man-O-Man x Goldwyn 72% 2367 2.34   ABS
De-Su Cassino Franz Cassino x O-Man 73% 2351 2.07   CRI
De-Su Kramer Jeeves x Shottle 73% 2351 2.70   Select
B-Hiddenhills Plan Planet x O-Man 71% 2341 1.89   Select
Ladys-Manor Grafeeti Freddie x Goldwyn 71% 2334 2.46   Select
Telstar-W Prospector Explode x Goldwyn 70% 2332 3.38   Taurus
Ladys-Manor Shameless Planet x Shottle 72% 2331 2.90   Select
UFM-Dubs Sherac Active x Shottle 72% 2329 2.48   ABS
Co-Op UPD Planet Yano Planet x Bret 73% 2328 1.67   CRI
De-Su Watson Boliver x Shottle 72% 2323 2.89   Select
Regancrest Beau Man-O-Man x Goldwyn 74% 2323 2.94   ABS
Roylane Socra Robust Socrates x O-Man 72% 2318 2.01   Select
Vendairy Wonder CV Shottle x Goldwyn 74% 2317 3.14   AI Total
Sully AltaMeteor Planet x Shottle 70% 2316 3.05   Alta
Langs-Twin-B A-P AJ Planet x Shottle 70% 2311 2.61   TAG
Kelstein AltaOrlan Planet x Mr Sam 72% 2310 2.36   Alta
Berryridge Jeeves Jives Jeeves x Shottle 71% 2307 2.15   ABS
De-Su Spur Planet x Shottle 71% 2307 2.74   Select
SWITZERLAND (Colin, 1361 Isel)      
Mr Chassity Gold Chip Goldwyn x Shottle 78% 1525 141   Select
Cotting Berlin Man-O-Man x Goldwyn 78% 1489 127   Swissgenetics
GERMANY - RED HOLSTEIN (Tocar, 139 RZG)      
Cold Boy Spencer x O-Man 73% 148 101   RUW
Kumo Fiction x Spencer 73% 145 111   RUW
Geert Fidelity x Spencer 73% 142 117   RUW
Salve Sahara x Baxter 73% 142 123   RUW
Desk Destry x Gogo 71% 139 127   RUW
Fidji Fiction x Canvas 73% 139 116   RUW
Campus Carmano x Giseh 73% 139 124   RUW
Spontan Spencer x Goldwyn 73% 139 109   ZBH
Molenkamp Sam Kylian x Spencer 62% 237 109   CRV
Schreur Hubert Red Fidelity x O-Man 62% 236 106   CRV
Camion van de Peul Fender x Goldwyn 61% 223 108   CRV
HJR Windstar Spencer x O-Man 63% 221 106   CRV
Lowlands Redman Fiction x Gogo 62% 220 104   CRV
De Volmer Glorious Nearby x Classic 58% 219 111   CRV
USA - RC & RED HOLSTEIN (Durable RC, 1959 TPI)      
Willsbro Larson RC Mr Burns x Goldwyn 69% 2190 3.52   Semex
Mr Savage RC Shottle x Goldwyn 74% 2155 3.45   Taurus
Kings-Ransom O Dakker Man-O-Man x Mac 72% 2150 1.96   Select
Sandy-Valley Colt-P-Red Lawn Boy x Bolton 73% 2099 2.13   Select



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