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The first index release of 2011 produced lots of news worldwide. Italy welcomed a brand-new Nr.1 bull (with American roots), in the U.S. O-Style officially took the top position, and Snowman rose to dazzling heights in Germany. In addition, there were many newcomers – in this international story you will find all the news from every country where new indexes were published. Of the prominent Holstein countries France and Spain had no index release. And in Scandinavia new breeding values will be released on May 1st.



With Go-Farm Artes, Italy welcomed an impressive new leader of the list, who immediately placed himself considerably ahead of any competitors based on 82 milking daughters. Artes was born in the well-known Italian Go-Farm herd of the Gozzini brothers and was born out of Goldwyn embryos from the BW Marshall daughter Jeffrey-Way Tolare VG-88, owned by the Hendrickson family in Wisconsin (Jeffrey-Way). Via an EX-93 Formation and an EX-93 Luke, Tolare traces back to the successful foundation dam Jeffrey-Way Mascot Tina EX-91. Following behind Artes are the power bulls from 2010: Colombiano, End-Story, American, and Goldsun. Especially O-Man son End-Story distinguishes himself thanks to a big climb again of 256 PFT points. Readers who compare today’s list to the previous one should keep in mind the base adjustment of 98 PFT points. Sesto is the bull that dropped out of the Italian top after losing 624 points. His fall points out the fluctuations that the Italian estimation system unfortunately has sometimes. A bull not hampered by this phenomenon is Zani American. This O-Man son manages to move up every index release and now is the proud Nr.5 in Italy. American has a typically Italian maternal line with a VG-88 Step dam and a VG-88 Skywalker granddam.


Gillette 2nd Wind does it again! The former Nr.1 LPI cow now has three sons in the top 5, while her full sister also has one in the top 10. Last-round superstar Windbrook has now been joined by her Marion sons Wildthing and Willrock – the split embryo twins becoming the first under the new rule to have their progeny pooled to generate an equivalent proof for each bull (2377 LPI). Gillette bulls now hold five of the top 10 places! Dempsey moves ahead nicely to take over the coveted Nr.1 position, while there were also gains for the 2nd crop red-carrier bull Mr Burns. Other high-ranking newcomers include Altawyzer (2194), a full brother to Lakota (1755), who is yet another product of the highly successful Goldwyn x Blitz cross. Also new is Butze (2013 – Goldwyn x Morty x Patron x Thor x Southwind Saturday), who also sits high on the US international list. Former leader Jordan (-307) and brother Jerrick (-245) fell victim to the early second-lactation dip that affects many bulls under the test-day-model system – time will tell if they rebound. (LPI losses or gains have been adjusted for the annual base change of 144-points). Laudan son Canyon-Breeze Alaska (-420) dropped more significantly.


In spite of the arrival of a number of attractive newcomers, predominantly sons of Shottle and Goldwyn, it was a group of well-known British bulls that generated the positive news, some with hefty upward moves. First and foremost: Twist. The Shottle son improved for all production traits and now shines on top of the list. Right behind him, Ballycairn Tiergan made his entry as the highest newcomer. The Goldwyn son from the Dutch Tinnie family convinces with good type and sound fitness traits. Tiergan is alive but his semen is not available yet. Several other top bulls like Bluesky, Azure, Rory, Goldmine and the two Woodmarsh bulls Metallic and Lotto clearly improved their figures. Great Britain’s highest type transmitter now is Curtismill Mr Sam, the Mr Sam son who comes from the Chief Mark Ina family.


Many bulls come from contract matings. This is not the case with Mint-Edition. Breeder Barry Old made the mating and when the bull was born, AI-organization LIC took its chance: A golden move because never before has New Zealand had a bull of this caliber. More about Mint-Edition (including a photo) elsewhere in this HI. Since the April release he is 28 points ahead of the Nr.2, Ovation. New in HI’s list is a half-brother to Mint-Edition: Megastud, with outstanding type.


After a flying start, the Japanese Boliver son Giambi reinforced his top position with his 2nd run. Behind this udder specialist, Lancaster comfortably remained in 2nd place in spite of losing some ground. In 3rd place newcomer Gold Dream made his entry, a Goldwyn son with an all-round profile from the internationally successful Henkeseen Hillary family.


Last December he lacked a little reliability for a place in the official TPI list, but now he proudly takes the lead: O-Style. Again it was wonderful success for brood cow Pen-Col Dima, the granddam of this late O-Man that was already receiving widespread use as a sire of sons. Besides the arrival of O-Style, the American April release was characterized by stability. Most of the top-ranking bulls maintained their positions. New in the top-10 is E-Longview CM who also has a somewhat different pedigree. This Sharky son comes from Autumn-Ridge Bamboo EX-91, an Outside daughter from Miss Autumn Rud Boomer, the dam of Bojangles. New blood also comes in the form of Emerald, a Marion son out of an EX-90 Lynch and then a VG-88 Mattie G. By the way, he originates from a different family than most of the other Bomaz bulls. Talking about Marion: his full sister is (via Morty) the granddam of Mystical, whom we find further down the table as the highest newcomer. A remarkable sire of sons in the top list is Gem-Hill Amel Don. His son Don Juan has an outstanding all-round transmitting pattern and via a Lucente goes back to Milkworth Manfred Yadda.
Within the TPI ranking, O-Man still is the dominant sire of sons with 34 sons in the top-100. Following him are Shottle with 17 sons and Goldwyn with 9 sons. The highest type bull in that same top-100 is a Goldwyn son named Guthrie. He transmits 3.23 total type and 3.08 udders. With the latter he is at Nr.2, behind Talent son Acme RC (with 3.12 for udders).
Remarkable news this time came from Planet, who now has 584 milking daughters (in 247 herds) in his proof. He moved up by 123 TPI points to 3rd place in the overall ranking. The Taboo son added almost 400 lb. milk and combines this gain with plusses in longevity and daughter fertility. His composite for feet & legs dropped to -0.76. Jeeves, too, added his first 100 daughters from the 2nd crop period (now 211 daughters in 102 herds). For the time being his proof remained stable. In August there will be more news on the 2nd crop results of the heavily used sires of sons Planet, Jeeves, and possibly also Million.


The newsmaker of the Dutch release is Danillo. The bull was born from a heifer flush of the American cow A-L-H O-Man Destiny VG-87, the full sister to the equally top-ranking ALH Dakota. Dairyman Rein Couperus was so impressed with his bull calf that he decided to privately sample him via AI de Toekomst. Danillo made his debut based on 106 daughters for production and 30 for type (in 16 herds). His production merit is good and his type pattern very promising with 113 udders and 115 overall type. Genes Diffusion recently acquired the exclusive marketing rights for Danillo. Of the older bulls, Bertil had a good release based on his early 2nd-crop daughters. New to the list are Santana and Big Winner, two bulls that booked nice gains as their 1st crop periods progressed.


Genomic proofs have arrived in Australia, though it was a bull without genomics, the O-Man son Babylon, who continues to hold the top position. Debuting at Nr.2 is Useage, a product of the All-Australian golden-cross of Talent x Donor that previously produced the high-type red carrier bulls Wisepoint, Cardinal and Jackaroo. It was also a great day for the Informer sons: Delsanto bounded up the list to third, new-release sire Medallion (from the Glomar Lucky family) became the new type leader (118 udders), and also a red carrier Informer son, Budlight, emerged (196 APR, 113 udders, from a Skychief out of Rudolph’s family). Jocko sons Carlos (-59) and Nimble (-42) did not fare so well.


Just like in his other sampling countries, Snowman is unstoppable in the Czech Republic and here he leads the pack at an arm’s length. Snowman has 75 milking daughters in the Czech Republic. Gavor added 466 second-crop daughters and is stabilizing. The Champion son is characterized by lots of type and longevity. New to the Czech list is Joman; his dam is Rose Alie, a heavily used French donor cow and a granddaughter to Patron Allie.


Several newcomers enriched the German RZG top list, which is lead once again at a clear distance by highflyer Snowman and the stable Omega. Besides sons of Goldwyn and Shottle, the group of high-ranking newcomers also comprises the first Mascol sons. Two of them immediately made the jump into the top-10. However, from both almost no semen is available and because of other limiting factors, especially in the type area, they don’t qualify for the HI table. Two newcomers worth mentioning are the high-type Goldwyn sons Guarini and Gunnar. Guarini shines with good fitness traits, high percentages, and excellent udders. His dam is an O-Man daughter from the full sister to the well-known German Jesther son Jurus. Gunnar transmits a similar profile but stands out with a better production proof and somewhat lower percentages. He is a son of the well-known Ford daughter Ivonne from the French Gourmette family.
Another appealing Goldwyn son is Gormio, from the top German index cow Heidesky EX-90, a Bormio daughter. Gormio sires extremely high percentages, sound fitness traits and fancy type without any real weaknesses. Amidst the other Goldwyn sons, Goldboy stands out as well. His Ford dam comes from a Metro half-sister to the well-known Jocko son Jancker. Goldboy is the Nr.4 bull for type and the top Goldwyn son in this field.
Amongst the Shottle sons the very complete newcomers Schaffner (from AHA Rubens Carla EX-95), Shobes (from Jocko Radieuse) and Shot Gun (from Larcrest Durham Gizelle) stand out. An alternative is Scully, a Mr Sam son with convincing type from Mandel Zandra.


After the many successes in the show ring, the combination of Champion with the exceptional brood cow Hellender Juror Jurgolin also proved its potential in the male line. Colin, the new Nr.1 of Switzerland, also originates from this combination. The profile of this newcomer is based on the top type, high percentages, and very good fitness ratings that are expected from him. Another interesting newcomer is Vicky, a very high type transmitter with a Canadian background and sired by the James son Joah.


The moment this HI was on its way to you, new breeding values were released in Scandinavia. That’s the reason why the Scandinavia top bulls have not been included in the table; all figures would have been out-of-date. During the 2011 April release O-Man Oscar continued to be the leader with a very high NTM of 35. He is followed by Limbo (32), the Jordan 3 son Jul (30) who moved up in April, and then Orange, Ross, Etoto, Rodding, and Sol. A new transmitter in Scandinavia’s April release was the Mascol son Rox. When making his debut he had an NTM of 25, and it will be exciting to see what his numbers will be in May. In HI’s weekly E-mail Newsletter (free service, go to you will soon read all the news of Scandinavia’s 2011 May release. And of course in HI’s June issue.


The Salto sons Infrarouge and Benjamin remain unchanged as the leaders in Canada. Second-crop gains that took Mr Burns back into the Canadian top 10 auger well for his many red sons worldwide.
In Germany the ascent of Talent son Tableau has brought him close to the top position. Standing in his way currently only are Tocar, who incurred slight losses with the addition of 100 new daughters, and newcomer Like, who is a strong production bull. Liek is a Ludox son from the well-known brood cow Lee Megillee and is therefore a half-brother to the successful show cow Talent Maxima. Unfortunately he only transmits average type. In this respect, his newly arrived full brother, Lutin, does a lot better but he has clearly lower percentages. The most remarkable debutant is the very complete Lichtblick son Lirio in 10th place. He comes from a strong type family with Stadel and Cadon in the pedigree.

In the Dutch red & white list, many top-ranking bulls received a plus behind their name and the boundary of 200 NVI has now been passed 4 times. Spencer continues to be the leader with more than 3200 daughters in his index, and he excels for longevity, cell count, and especially fertility. Not so good news for Almighty, who lost ground for the second time in a row.

For the first time in two years Reality now is the Nr.1 Red Holstein in the U.S. again. The proof of this September son is supported by 269 milking daughters in 135 herds. The former leader, Matrix, lost some ground for production and type.

In Switzerland an eye-catching new arrival with the Red Holsteins in April was La Waebra Harlequin. He is in 9th position and the best September son in his country. He impresses especially with high production and very good udder health. Harlequin’s dam is a VG-89 Tulip half-sister to Ja-Bob Jordan-Red. There were no real big winners or losers. As before, Leonard is the sovereign leader, ahead of Format.


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